Kovalenko Clinic was established in 2010 by Dr. Kovalenko Marina general practitioner, manual therapist, myofascial acupuncturist, craniosacral and craniovisceral therapist to give complex, diverse diagnosis and personalized treatments for those who are suffering from musculoskeletal disorders.

The unique Kovalenko-method® , an integrated (holistic) treatment, copyrighted in 2010, is applied in our spinal disorder center. It is used with patients who actively want to get rid of their complaints by finding the actual reasons of their problems and without taking pills. It is also useful for those who wish to lead a healthier life and are willing to follow the advice of professionals. In our clinic we have well-trained therapists to ensure that problems, caused by various reasons, would be tackled effectively by applying various methods. Customized therapy can only be reached this wa

Our Doctors

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Dr. Marina Kovalenko

Consultant Doctor

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Dr. Anita Rózsa

Myofasciorelaxatios akupunkture
Craniosacral Therapy

Applied methods


It is a mix of non-invaziv techniques, which results in loosening up the spine and other joints as well as reconditioning of ligaments and joints after considerating accurate diagnosis, the found disfunctions and existing complaints.

"Rapid Training"

By using 15 minutes Rapid Training it feels like exercising for a whole hour, because it takes effect on muscles which are not available for any other common therapeutic exercises. This technique based on using alternating current (A.C.) that enhance the muscular contraction by increased nerve stimulation via electrical impulse. This way part of the brain that controls the muscle tone gets a stronger feedback of expensive muscles.

Myofasciorelaxing acupuncture

This revolutionary method helps fast ease of muscles and increasing circulation. In short term it helps the right roughage going, in long term it leads to improvement of muscle metabolism as well as effecting the whole body.

Craniovisceral technique

All of our inner organ is on a gentle move around a specific axle. The change of this moves can couse disease that can be corrected by applying the right treatment. The manual solution of inner organ’s contraction helps the blood and lymph circulation also the autonomic control. This technique acts directly to the organ functions and indirectly to the correction of connecting tissue system, muscle and even bone structures through the changed moves.

Craniosacral technique

This technique is a complex entirety of touches affecting soft connective tissue system. This impacts the connective tissue membrane (dura mater) surrounding the brain and the spinal marrow as well as controlling the fluid flow. Hereby, the results of the two above mentioned methodes can be stabilized even so. Resistivity against physical or menthal trauma is being enhanced.

Temporary intramuscularis ligatura implantatio - "thread implantation"

The essence of this specific acupuncture procedure is that an absorbing surgical thread is being implanted by a disposable steril tool to certain acupunture points of the body. This surgical thread would trigger the organism for even 3 weeks, 24 hours a day until the acupunture point gets into action which comes with blood circulation increase, through this the surgical thread is being absord quickly by the help of tissue enzyme.

After the treatment

Fatigue, muscle soreness, pains are natural reactions of the healing. They may appear after the first treatment and they indicate the regeneration of the body. 

If you do not feel anything after the first treatment, that means we could not activate the self-regeneration process of the body or the body reacts very quickly and without symptoms.

After the first treatment the existing pains intensify, which indicates the appearance of the healing crisis.

It is called a healing crisis, when the slowly recovering body indicates the former symptoms during  the break-down of accumulated toxic substances. We can recognize this condition (but not in every case) by three characteristics: the symptoms appear for a short period of time (a couple of hours or days); they are not severe; despite the symptoms the patient feels that there is an explicit improvement in peripheral symptoms.

The healing crisis should be interpreted (if it is not too severe) as a sign of healing. However, if it is severe, we have to reduce or stop the use of cures that may generate symptoms. The anti-inflammatory effect of repeated hydrogen peroxide 3% packs may be helpful during this time.

As the body finds its new balance, these feelings will transform.

If pain comes back one day later, it refers to the weakness of the immune- and circulatory system. We can help to improve them with further treatments.

If pain comes back 3-4 days after the improvement, this indicates the existence of an inflammatory focus. We can remove the local symptoms only after finding and removing the inflammatory focus.

The second treatment goes as follows:

  • when the inflammation is gone, the pain will reduce and the regeneration continues uninterrupted
  • if the healing processes do not start during the treatment, we can expect more sensitive and intensive reactions that help the elimination of the inflammation.

In each treatment we try to start the healing in deeper layers and stabilize the better condition.

As our goal is not only the improvement of the present condition, we must use every possible means in order to make the self-regeneration processes capable to independently correct the static and dinamic failures, which can result in a long-term effect.

If there are internal organ disorders behind musculoskeletal problems, we can help with advise and in some cases with traditional Chinese acupuncture.


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