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Psychosomatic treatment

Means, and in the human body spent more than a decade of work , it was found that the " sound mind in a sound body " saying what he really means.
The high number of stress-related injury headache by work in unpleasant environments during , performance of unbalanced fertility problems in a relationship - and the list goes on , not anyone surprise appearance on the psychological effects of the physical body .
But these are far less obvious cases may encounter on a daily basis so unconscious " patterns " , which at first sight almost banal physical dysfunkciókat kikezelhetetlenné or make kiújulóvá again and again.
The patient does not understand that a lot of the intervertebral disc hernia , multiple surgical neighbor why is healed after 4-5 treatment and he who " only " has a smooth shoulder pain , has improved but not completely healed .
The answer to that question is a legitimate part of prudent colleague 's time to " look deeper " after the fact that the local and remote physical assessment and management relationships .
And here comes the picture Kinesiology and Craniosacral Therapy SER ® - Release storage SomatoEmotional - psychological reactions to the tissue level , which inhibits the normal functioning of the body, leading to illness .
Kinesiology is the muscles use to map tónusváltozás subconscious , an area where only dreams or through special trans conditions becomes available .
However, the level of the body without destroying six slightest suspicion that our waking ...
The following figure illustrates the overall concept of kinesiology, which thus leads to instability in a variety of health problems in some areas back, so the recovery path must begin using the balance of your area of restorative methods (balance ) .
Outside the range of different figure , can interact directly with components of the human body can be seen that the operation of the main areas of the triangle is , actively influence the balance . In addition, you can see has proven methods for managing certain areas .
Each associated with a nerve nyirokérrel , i.e. nerves may directly called . neurolymphatikus operation area .
All lymphatic linked blood vessels , so called . work areas in the neurovascular nyirokműködés may also direct .
The vessels are connected to the spinal cord and the brain surrounding the liquid - Liquor
are directly connected to the meridian system of the body .
This meridian is again in contact with another nerve , thus the circle - as shown in the figure - closed. This figure therefore includes all the areas and their direct and indirect connection system can be influenced in the balance .
The methodology for the development of kinesiology Balance dr. George Goodheart , et al pioneering work carried out where it is a theoretical concept could be fully transposed into practice .
Kinesiology is still evolving science , where researchers from different areas monitored in the framework of an international organization , the ICAK ( International College of Applied Kinesiology ) and further developed resulting in some research discoveries.



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