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Posture problem

After long hours spent in front of the monitor, a lot of people feel tired and worn out. They have pains in their back, in their waist, forearms and shoulders… the „well-wishers” come and say contemptuously „I told you so, not to sit so much in front of the computer… and so on… and so on”.  

But if we are glued to the screen permanently because of our job or our hobby, we should do everything to reduce the side-effects with minimal energy investment.

Neither our body, nor our spine can work perfectly in complete immobility for more than 1-2 hours, because the muscle contractions support the blood flow, keep our nervous system awake, stimulate the brain functions and harmonize our soul.

Therefore, it is so important to stand up in every 2-3 hours, tighten our muscles at least three times, than stretch upwards and exhale. This way the muscle fiber elongation will be more effective, which restores the circulation of the muscles, thus reducing their tension.

Why does our body get tired when we sit for a long period of time?

-          Several neurological researches have shown, that during an hour of thinking the brain consumes as much energy as one piece of peanut contains. For our other energy needs the self-preservation processes are responsible.

-          When someone sits in an inappropriate position, the muscles will compensate it. The amount of energy used will multiply and the acid end-products of metabolism accumulate. They can not be emptied in the absence of exercise and therefore cause tiredness and discomfort.

What is proper body posture?

-          Our feet in front of us, on the floor, toes facing outward.

-          A wider stance has to be taken, the knees and the sacrum together form an equilateral triangle.

-          We have to sit on both of our butts, the surface of our thigs rest on the seat.

-          the most prominent point of the backrest of the chair has to be at the area between the back and the waist, thus we can hold a straight posture.

-          Both of our forearms and our elbows rest on the tabletop. It prevents the incorrect position of the wrist joint, otherwise tendonitis may occur.

-          If we use the mouse by moving our entire arm, not just our fingers or wrists, we can prevent tiredness.

-          The wrist rest should be placed under the forearm, near the elbow. This position provides a more relaxed state for the shoulder and the wrist.

-          Do not hang our heads. If the chin „hangs down”, our back has no support.

-          Do not narrow our eyes in front of the monitor, because it can lead to cramp of the inner eye muscles and the vision gradually begins to deteriorate. If we blink more often, the circulation in the eye improves, the inner muscles relax and the vision becomes sharper.



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