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Nasal cavity

Why would you need this treatment?


The nasal cavity and sinus paranasalis are covered by mucosa. Since the sinuses’ orifices open to the nasal cavity, if the mucosa is healthy the sinus airs when inhaling and exhaling. In case of acute diseases such as cold or allergy the mucosal swells and so the orifices narrow or get shut off and so the ventilation gets ceased. For first serous secretion gets produced in the sinus which can even become pustulous. Because of the hardness of the elimination the acidulous product of metabolism gets into the circulation of vein, which subsides at the muscles of neck and shoulder and it causes additional inflammation.

We would not even imagine that in many cases the sore deep muscles which hold the spine causes musculoskeletal diseases and one of the reason is the inflammatory sinus.

Our clinic worked out a special sinus rinse process for these problems during which the mucosal swelling gets reduced by an isotonic tincture including Ephedrin and hydrogen peroxide.

This way the orifices of sinus open and the tincture gets into the cavity, washes through the stagnant secretion and screw it out from there. With the help of this process we also remove many of the allergens -which stay in the dust- from the surface of the sinus mucosa.



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