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Myofascial acupuncture

With the new method of myofascial acupuncture  the rapid relaxation of the muscle and increase in circulation  became available. Due to this method the acidic metabolic terminal products will be removed smoothly from the relaxed muscular fibre in a short-term period and as a long-term goal the metabolism of the muscles will be improved that effects also the metabolism of the whole body will undergo some benefit changes.


In contrast with the traditional chinese acupuncture

It does not have effect the point of the meridians but the “trigger points”

It does not takes its effect by the balancing the energy circulation in meridians  but through the cerebrospinal  myotatic/ propriceptiv reflex.

It is not needed to leave the needles inside permanently as it can be taken away immediately after the stimulus

It needs shorter period – with 3-5 occasion an enormous result is achievable, its effect is even more permanent

Starting a new treatment it is not necessary means to repeat the whole therapy- because of the memory of the muscles 1 sessinon could be enough.


In contrasts with the manualtherapy and the massage

Although correction is needed after the treatment it does not deal only with the muscles or with the skeleton but it also creats the most ergonomic/ static/ dynamic balance.

The effect is much more stable- it takes its effect to the cerebrospinal and to the center controller of the supraspinal muscle tone (formation reticularis, nucleus ruberetc.)

Relaxes the myogelotic muscle knots and prevents its return.

Its local effect is varied- it repairs the local circulation permanently (reduces the inflammations, detoxication, and more muscle fibre can be built by the increased O2 supply), improves the utilization of the Ca2+ ,- with the more powerful contraction the detoxication of the muscles will more rapid and helps to demolish the injured fibres and rebuild the new ones.

By the cerebrospinal effects the metabolism of the whole body (normalize the level of cholesterol, blood-sugar-, etc- by generating the usage of peripherial muscles.)

More powerful psychosomatic effect (by the effect to the formation reticularis- here joint the regulators of the respiration-,  blood pressure-, and muscle tones and the emocions)


Its side-effects are equal with the chinese acupuncture

Local skin bleeding-bruises, persons who has increased fragility of blood vessels- it passes quickly- by the effect of the increased blood circulation.

The pain of the therapy- it hurts specially on the territory of inflammation, but using it at the period of expiration the sense of the pain is less.

After the treatment of an altering range of muscle pain, fatigue –toxic metabolism-  because of the metabolic terminal products gets to the main circulation stream -it can be calmed with consumption of liquid.


patented in Ukraine №56 978 in 2003



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