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Manual therapy

Manual therapy consists of non-invasive procedures that help to mobilize ligaments and joint capsules, the spine and joints. These non-invasive procedures are performed after discussing the complaints, finding the dysfunctions and setting the exact diagnosis.

The skeletal system is the essential base of the function of our musculoskeletal system. But long-term tension on adherent structures, muscles, ligaments and other connective tissue elements might shift spinal balance, so the correction of the above mentioned structures are made in parallel with other methods.

What can I expect from therapy?

Mobilization is always individualized and performed with the lowest possible power. We prefer soft techniques over course correction. If the muscles are relaxed and there are no inflammation nearby, patients only experience minimal discomfort. We carry out the intervention quickly and smoothly, combined with proper breathing technique, which helps to even more reduce the unpleasant feelings.

What can I expect after the therapy?

The mobilized joints may heat up as a result of improved circulation, meanwhile their detoxication begins. If the accumulated acid end-products of metabolism escape into the peripheral circulation, it may cause smaller fatigue, muscle fever or depression. The period of this time may last from a few hours up to a day, depending on the severity of the problem. These are the secure signs of recovery.



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