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Ligature insertion

One  treatment- 3 weeks effect

The treatment will be done by working on the acupunctural points of the energy canals- meridians or trigger points. The target is to recruit the body’s energetic balance and its harmony. The lasting string-ligature implantation made by our clinic a special acupuncture treatment when a dissolving surgery string is implanted to the right acupunctural point by a special, thin, aseptic instrument. The implanted string will activate the body for even 3 weeks, until the circulation will be escalated, so the string will be dissolved.

The therapy and the treatment process are always individual. It is based on a previous pulse and a tongue diagnosis.

As an advantage of the lasting string/ligature implantation, it is enough to repeat the treatment once in three weeks. The continuous stimulation of the acupunctural points shortens the time of the cure and makes it more effective.

This cure has no side-effects but as the implantation is under short skin bleeding may occur . It might be sensible for 2 days in the connective tissue.

This cure is extremely effective in acute and chronic diseases too.


The therapeutical usage is recommended in case of the following diseases

Diet- weigth loss

The whole body’s metabolism, detoxication can be generated, the hunger will be lessen and the nervous system will be calmed.


Strengthening the immune system and detoxication

Allergic diseases: reduction the symptoms of hay fever and asthma

Skin diseases: pimpled skin, eczema, periodic fungus diseases


Complaints of the nervous system

Depression, insomnia, quick temper, headache, migraine, tinnitus, trigeminus neuralgia, curing the effects of stress, improving the psychical carrying capacity (giving up smoking)


Gynecological problems: period pains, bleeding disorder, curing climax, sterility, inflammation of pelvic, problems after pregnancy and childbirth

Otolaryngology: venal stasis of sinus rinse, sore throat, inflammation of vocal cords, otitis, auditory processing disorder, tinnitus

Urological complaints: inflammation of bladder, incontinatio

Digestive complaints: reflux, stomach pain, ulcer, coccidiosis, nausea, vomit, surfeit, constipation, diarrhea, tympany




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