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House roules of the clinic


Dear Patients,

for the sake of the effective therapy,  please read attentively the house rules of the clinic. You help our work by following these rules.


 In order to maintain hygiene, it is required that guests wear slippers (provided by us) in the clinic. Please be quiet for the sake of uninterrupted therapy and please mute your cell phone.  We take a portrait photo of the patients and use it only in our personal data base. Security camera system  ensures the safety in the clinic’s waiting room.

We do not take responsibility for the loss of any of your valuables left unattended in the clinic.


Arranging appointments

The treatment is available by appointment (in person or by telephone). You can disclaim the appointment up to 12:00 on the previous day, otherwise you will have to pay the full price of the treatment. Delays up to 15 minutes will be accepted, so that we can finish the treatment until the next patient arrives.

About the treatment

The expected time of the treatment is 20-25 minutes. One attendant is allowed to stay in the waiting room. It is allowed for disabled patients and kids to have one attendant who stays with them in the consulting room during the treatment.

Thank you for your cooperation,

the Kovalenko Clinic Staff



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