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Hallus valgus treatment without operation



The formation of Hallux valgus is unfortunately a genetical tendency, but it depends on us to let it grow or not.




What leads to the Hallux valgus formation?




What are the factors, that can be found at every misshapen foot?


Conventional treatment options:

1.      Operation-

·         it is not a solution because of the static overpressure

·         it causes scars

·         many times the original complaint comes back

·         it can not stop further deformation

·         it requires several weeks to recover

2.      Physiotherapy

·         Insufficient result without correction

·         It is not a solution for inflammation


Alternative solutions:


·         Static and dynamic correction of the skeletal system by manual therapy methods     

·         Reduction of arthritis with special treatment

·         Stabilization with TAPE

·         Muscle and ligament strengthening with special exercises.


Recommended period of treatment: 4-5 weeks, once a week

The number of treatments can vary depending on the seriousness of the illness.



The courses:


  1. appointment: discussion of diagnostic and individual treatment, manual correction, description of joint cleansing treatment, gymnastic exercises - 50 minutes
  2. appointment: control of the correction, placement of the TAPE, practicing foot strengthening exercises - 30 minutes

3.-5. appointment: placement of the TAPE, practicing ankle strengthening exercises – 30 minutes



The treatments are performed by  Fucsik Erzsébet manual therapist, physiotherapist






Obviously a periostosis existing for decades can not be removed, but it is advised to contact us in order to prevent further deterioration, to decrease the inflammation and to ease the pain. 



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