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General Contractual Conditions


Data Management

The patient understands that Kovalenko Clinic does such an alternative therapeutical work which is not supported by the Hungarian social security system. The patient had all the rights to learn all information on the treatments beforehand  and participates the treatment with earned knowlage.


The patient is liable for giving all informations asked and listed on the registration form. Kovalenko Clinic does not take the responsibility for occurrent problems which caused by not getting full state of condition.   Kovalenko Clinic assumes that all given datas are handeled as per law. Kovalenko Clinic is entitled to use the information of the treatment – beside the regular treatment of the personal data- in studies, publications, on lectures and for researches. The patient approves of authorised data management.

The order of the consulting hours/reservations

Diagnosis in done by dr. Kovalenko Marina during the first consultation. For the following treatments dr. Kovalenko would choose the medical attendant as well as the most effective practiced methodes depending on the patient’s state. The chosen therapist would do the following control treatments too and could be asked for advise or help on the following email address:


As of the clinic’s cancellation policy the booked appointment can be modified or cancelled by the patient –on phone or sms- free of charge up until 12:00 noon the day before of the treatment, otherwise the full price of the treatment will be charged. Kovalenko Clinic is authorized as well to modify the scheduled treatment 24 hours before of the appointment of which the patient is informed on phone or in sms.

In case of possible sickness of the medical attandent, Kovalenko Clinic would try to resolve the replacement if it does not succeed then patient will be informed on time.

Treatments last approximetly 20-25 minutes.

Acceptable delay from the appointment is 15 minutes afterwards the service charge has to be paid.


Kovalenko Clinic does not take responsibility for valuables left unattended in the clinic.

The patient must observe the policy and other rules of the clinic.

The treatment is done individually, there can be maximum one accompany with children and disabled people at the health center.

The patient is liable to pay the prize of the treatments in cash after the appointment as of the fares shown at the clinic. Kovalenko clinic has the right to change the fares even in between two treatments.  The diagnostic examination’s fare should always be paid even if the clinic does not take on the treatment of the patient due to the result of the diagnoses. Kovalenko Clinic is entitled to refuse the next treatment in case of dues. The patient understands that the possible assistant diagnostic examinations’s cost -which can not be executed at the clinic- is on their own expense.


The treatment; liability

Kovalenko Clinic does not take any kind of responsibility for unforseen damages or consequences caused by the patient such as not giving full state of condition furthermore acting against a curing indication.

The patient notes that the treatment consist of interacting treatment sequences. Kovalenko Clinic does not take the responsibility if these sequences are stopped or shifted by the patient and that causes any kind of trouble. The patient understands that modifying the appointments several times might compromise the efficiency of the treatment.

The patient takes notice of the fact that treatments can get accompanied by slight pain caused by the acupuncture needles, there can be blood pressure alteration during the treatment as well as occurrent weakness or fatigue in muscles, muscle strain, muscle cramp. In case of weak vein and connective tissue there might be bloodshot.

The treatment is not adviced with an empty stomach and/ or thirsty, it can only be done on the patient’s responsibility.

Physical work, exercising, going to sauna is not suggested for three days following the treatment, it can only be done ont he patient’s responsibility.

Kovalenko Clinic does not take responsibility for any case caused by any other multiprocessing, supplementary treatment or therapy out off the clinic.

Rights reserved to intellectual product/creation

The practiced methods used during the treatments at the clinic are obligate intellectual work of Kovalenko Clinic therefore it has all reserved rights.         




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