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Craniovisceral technique

All of our internal organs make a smooth movement around a special axle. The alternation of  this movement range cause diseases.With appropiate holds it can be corrigated by terapeutists. The smooth manual solving of the strain of our internal organs, ligamnts phyisíological reparation repairs the blood and lymph circulation of the organs, and repairs its vegetative condition. This affects the function of the organs in a direct way and in an indirect way through the changed movement range conected with its ligament, tendon, muscle or even the bons.

The founder J. P. Barral proceeds from the observation that the connective tissue that netts the organs make a tight and interacting system in the body. For example: if due to a pneumonia a callus or an adhesion arise in the pleura the movement of the lungs will change and the callus creates a moveless axle and around it the whole chest starts to move in an atipic way generating other pathologic symptomps.Pressure feeling in chest, back pain, arm pain, or even reflux can evolve becouse of this, and also the immun system of the lungs can decline, the colds and the cough can appears more often.


When is it worth to turn to a therapeutist? 

As all of our previous trauma is “stored” in the connective tissue easy to imagine if many mini similar injuries are added the lack of the regeneration generate smaller or bigger complaints all over the body after a certain level. Although these complaints can cause symptomps in the background organic reason is not founded. As our internal organs have a very poor innervation only after a 60%-70% function distruction can be detected  major organic disorder.The patient suffers and the doctors open their arms. The nomerous pills multiply the side effects and the complaints not relife.

Than it is worth doing a craniovisceral treatment. During the diagnostics could be recognised the primary and secundary irritation zones, the hidden digestive and detoxication reasons could be discovered.  With specific detoxication and with a traditional chinese acupuncture intensive  ligature insertion therapy can be done a successful  curing.


How many treatment will I need?

During the treatment 3 -4 craniovisceral  treatment is recommended so that the strain could disapear from the deepest level. In case of surgical callus, gut adhesion more treatment will be needed. The cure is repeated weekly alternated by ligature insertion.


How can we make it more effective?

With the help of the paralel done detoxication and the traditional chinese acupuncture done in sertan meridian and trigger point  before the treatment  we activate even more effectivly the blocked meridians., that  resalts a more rapid regeneration with the reparation of the circulation.





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