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Applied methods


It is a mix of non-invaziv techniques, which results in loosening up the spine and other joints as well as reconditioning of ligaments and joints  after considerating accurate diagnosis, the found disfunctions and existing complaints.

Myofasciorelaxing acupuncture

This revolutionary method helps fast ease of muscles and increasing circulation. In short term it helps the right roughage going, in long term it leads to improvement of muscle metabolism as well as effecting the whole body.

Craniosacral technique 

This technique is a complex entirety of touches affecting soft connective tissue system. This impacts the connective tissue membrane (dura mater) surrounding the brain and the spinal marrow as well as controlling the fluid flow. Hereby, the results of the two above mentioned methodes can be stabilized even so. Resistivity against physical or  menthal trauma is being enhanced.

"Rapid Training"

By using 15 minutes Rapid Training it feels like exercising for a whole hour, because it  takes effect on muscles which are not available for any other common therapeutic exercises. This technique based on using alternating current (A.C.) that enhance the  muscular contraction by increased nerve stimulation via electrical impulse. This way part of the brain that controls the muscle tone gets a stronger feedback of expensive muscles.

Craniovisceral technique

All of our inner organ is on a gentle move around a specific axle. The change of this moves can couse disease that can be corrected by applying the right treatment. The manual solution of inner organ’s contraction helps the blood and lymph circulation also the autonomic control. This technique acts directly to the organ functions and indirectly to the correction of connecting tissue system, muscle and even bone structures through the changed moves.

Temporary intramuscularis ligatura implantatio - "thread implantation"

The essence of this specific acupuncture procedure is that an absorbing surgical thread is being implanted by a disposable steril tool to certain acupunture points of the body. This surgical thread would trigger the organism for even 3 weeks, 24 hours a day until the acupunture point gets into action which comes with blood circulation increase, through this the surgical thread is being absord quickly by the help of tissue enzyme.   




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