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2013 ICMART Wien Poster


Ligature implantation in TCM and TrP /in patients with musculoskeletal disease of metabolic origin


Introduction: In the last decade the number and severity of symptoms in patients with musculoskeletal diseases has been growing rapidly, increasing the number of non-responder cases. In most histories, slight metabolic changes, inflammatory focuses or detoxification issues could be found in the background along with the usual static-dynamic skeletal changes. This discovery investigated further research and development of new methodology, which simultaneously can influence the muscles, metabolic reactions and rule the vegetative nervous system in long term periods as well. Using "catgut” implantation improved the organism's long term neural response, increased blood circulation, promoted self-detoxification and balanced the tonus of muscles in treated areas. This could be detected by termography and sensed by both therapist and patient immediately after treatment and could be maintained for 2 to 3 weeks depending on the absorption of the ligature itself.

Conclusion: this treatment could be provided for patients with Modic I-II degeneration, short-term or non-responder to steroids, TCM, physiotherapy. Mostly, the musculoskeletal symptoms could appear decades before considerable changes in metabolic processes and vice versa. Inherited factors are useful in differential diagnosis. 


Treatment : We use myofascial acupuncture in treating latent or active TrP-t of muscles related to irritated spinal segment due to the manual evaluation of spine, it relaxes the muscular tissue, synchronizes the sub cortical- cerebellar tonus centers maintaining  the better balance of different muscular groups. Intramuscular and TCM point ligature implantation /due to TCM diagnostic criteria/ permanently increases the blood circulation, speeds up tissue regeneration, maintains anti-inflammatory processes, helps detoxication in long term period. 


Analysis: In our randomized study based on our database we have compared I. group of 30 out-patients /3 male and 19 female patients

between 29-71 years old, 

/ treated 3 years ago with myofascial acupuncture /MFA/ and manual therapy and 30 persons treated during last year with ligature implantation in TrP and TCM points as well.

Both groups has been complaining of various musculoskeletal problems , having atypical gastrointestinal inflammation symptoms as diarrhea,constipation, distention, abdominal dyscomfort, frequent urination, vaginal discharge

In their case thermograph detected local joint inflammation and surrounding tissues’ venal congestion   , the quality of pain was constant, but obtuse, mostly in the morning with sevier episodes independent on movement intensity. Physiotherapy, manual therapy treatments brought no or just temporary relief, medication could just partly decrease their symptoms; no indication for surgery has been founded indeed. TCM decreased the gastrointestinal symptoms having poor effect on musculoskeletal complains.

Patients have been showing significant improvement only just after MFA 2-3 sessions, but the duration did not reach even 2 weeks, causing the great number of out drops.

The relapse of musculoskeletal disease has been detected in 60% in MFA group, in ligature group it was just 25 % within 2 month 

In the II. group the changes could be sensible after first session , despite of the more acute post- treatment symptoms /short term increasing of pain, fatigue-fever/ the patients could fell improvement in movement even in the morning hours, their  metabolic changes could be detected in 4 weeks. 

Conclusion: patients non –responder to TCM, having atipic inflammatory processes, Modic I-II degeneration, slight metabolic changes , long term history and functional gastrointestinal diseases, should be considered to complex therapy to get best results.

Discussion: Our experience shows, that combining this technique with craniovisceral therapy, lymph drainage detoxication courses, the improvement could be achieved even better. Further investigation should be done to further increase the effectiveness of the used protocols. 




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